How to get more traffic onto your website

Why is it vital for a business to have a website? What is SEO and how can you attract more visitors to your website? Most UK businesses are still without websites, or if they do have one, the design and usability isn’t optimised to attract visitors. We define a website as: an online brochure where the person who displays his/her service and or products most attractively gets more customers.

This content aims to enrich you with all the necessary information you need to know about websites that most consultants will require you to pay. Expect that at the end of this article you will know the different types of websites available, the power of WordPress, its importance, and ways to get more traffic onto your WordPress website.

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The different types of websites to choose from

Whether you already have a website or are considering creating one, it is essential to know the different types of sites that are available.

There are three main types of websites to choose from:

Brochure Website

A brochure website makes up the majority of websites online and it is essentially a digital business card that displays contact information about a company and brief descriptions of what they do.

eCommerce Website

An eCommerce website is a platform where a company is selling products to users online – e.g. Amazon, eBay, Etsy.

Blogging Website

A blogging website allows people to write and share online content. Most blogging websites today are developed in WordPress.

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How to get more traffic onto your website

Creation of new content

Content should be relevant and high-quality, providing solutions to your customers problems.

Post articles frequently

Consistently publishing new content will give you a higher ranking in the Google listings. Google favours websites that publish new content regularly as opposed to a dated website that hasn’t posted any fresh content in years.

Old content optimisation

Try to make use of any old articles by updating and adding any relevant information to the original piece. This will give the article a newer date, thus a higher position in the search results. Make extra use of those articles that have previously been successful.

Boost organic search rankings

The purpose is to appear at the top of search engine result pages; use keyword research for the terms or phrases that are of high volume but low competition. Provide fresh content, include internal and external links on the site, improve the technical SEO such as site speed, sitemaps, design and structured data. Finally, engage in Local SEO by registering on local directories so that local customers can easily find your site.

Republish content on other sites

An article does not have to exist just on your website to bring traffic, turn it into something new and publish your article on other third-party websites. Remember to always link back to the original piece of content.

Guest post on other sites

Guest posting is writing a post that will appear on another blog. You may wonder the importance of giving another page valuable content; but, other blogs also have audiences and this will help you to reach a wider audience by linking back to your site.

Pay for Social Promotions

Paid Promotions is a popular marketing tool that will help you to reach a larger audience. You can target people who enjoy and respond to your messages thus drawing a substantial amount of traffic to your website.

Engage social influencers

Social influencers are people or accounts on media platforms that have a large following. Reach out to those that you share the same audiences with. The best way is by building a relationship by liking and sharing their content; this will help to promote a reciprocal relationship.

Make use of email marketing

The best way to get people to join your email list is by using incentives strategies for it to drive traffic; using professional email marketing software, this will enable you to send an email to hundreds of individuals at a time.

Answer questions in Quora

Quora is an opportunity to drive traffic to a site, link the right keywords to anchor the content on your site when answering questions. Provide the link to your blog.

Create YouTube Content

Youtube is the second favorite search engine in the world, gaining its exposure is a significant opportunity. Create a useful video on product use or maintenance and link your content through the description.

Create free online courses/coaching

Example of sites to use is Teachable; the course should have a value that will push students for additional content what you offer through links

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Importance of traffic

It is the basis of online marketing through conversation.

Enables you to know what majority of your customers want or like thus you can provide the right results or products.

It is a quick way of creating a bottom line growth for your business.

Massive traffic will also help you earn some side cash from companies or individuals who may want to advertise through your site.

By sharing or analyzing consumer requests, it helps in providing innovative ideas which can promote your competitive advantage.

Web traffic gives you a better position on Google search engines.

Get More Traffic On Your Site

How to measure the quantity of traffic

• Google Analytics
• Google Search Console
• Video Views

Here are some free ideas regarding the different variaties of websites you can create:

• An Online Blog
• eCommerce Website
• Job Board
• Non-profit or religious site
• Online Communities / Forums
• Portfolio Showcase
• Coupon Website
• Podcasts
• Multilingual Sites
• Educational Website
• Questions and Answer site
• Business Directory

Thank you for taking your time to read this article on getting more traffic to your website, please feel free to make use of any of the ideas above.

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